Timothy productivity and forage quality
-possibilities and limitations-
NJF Seminar 384
10 – 12 August 2006
Akureyri, Iceland


Keynote presentations
Timothy – the saviour of Icelandic agriculture? - Áslaug Helgadóttir
The nutritive value of timothy and its improvement through management and breeding - Gilles Bélanger
Timothy and timothy mixtures as a pasture crop - Perttu Virkajärvi
Breeding goals and possibilities in future timothy breeding - Arild Larsen

SNORRI – A new Nordic timothy variety for areas around the Arctic circle - Áslaug Helgadóttir
Yield stability in timothy varieties in the Swedish VCU-testing - Magnus Halling
Growth and development of frost tolerance in eight contrasting cultivars of timothy and perennial ryegrass during winter in Norway - Mats Höglind
Timothy and other grasses in Lithuania: stability and yield - Nijole Lemežienė

Physiology and management
Phenological development and aging of timothy swards as assessed by the numeric   index mean stage by count - Anne Kjersti Bakken 
Estimated growth cessation of timothy swards as a basis for regulation of surface   application of cattle slurry in autumn - Helge Bonesmo 
The effect of management and accompanying grasses on the persistence of timothy   Hólmgeir Björnsson  
Fluctuations in the timothy population in mixed swards according to harvesting   regime – Anne Kjersti Bakken 
Improving seed production of organic timothy (Phleum pratense) – the preliminary results of an advisory campaign in Sweden - Thorsten Rahbek Pedersen

Feed quality
Digestibility of timothy - Guđni Thorvaldsson  
Superior yield and nutritive value of timothy grown under cool temperatures –  Gilles Bélanger 
The effect of timothy growth stage at harvest on fermentation characteristics in   round bale silage and voluntary feed intake in dairy cows - Thóroddur Sveinsson  
Description and evaluation of a decision support tool predicting quality and yields in swards with timothy - Anne Kersti Bakken