Timothy productivity and forage quality
-possibilities and limitations-
NJF Seminar 384  10–12 August 2006
Akureyri, Iceland


Background and objectives
Timothy is the most important cultivated forage species in marginal agricultural areas where perennial ryegrass, the prevailing forage species in temperate regions, has difficulties to persist due to harsh long winters. Timothy is also eligible in many other areas with cool-temperate maritime climate. Timothy can with proper management, produce high yields and high quality forage for ruminants and horses. Research on timothy in resent years has been scarce, in spite of its shortcomings in many ways that can be improved. There is a need for an international panel to introduce knowledge and prior research efforts and to form new contacts and research goals with timothy. The objective is to gather scientists and scholars who work with timothy in the fields of genetics, physiology, management and animal nutrition.